The field of Orthotics is an expansive one which covers all aspects of external support applied to the human body.  Sometimes given the name splint, brace, orthotic or caliper, but properly called an Orthosis, the areas of Orthotic Treatment include the spine, both neck (cervical) and trunk (thoraco-lumbo-sacral), the upper limb (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand & finger), and lower limb (hip, knee, ankle & foot).

All Orthotic treatment requires a physician's prescription, which Premier is happy to help arrange, or we will consult with your own doctor.

The Orthotic Division of Premier Prosthetics specialises in biomechanical evaluation and analysis of functional loss and the design, fabrication and fitting of made to measure Orthoses.

The general procedure in acquiring an Orthosis following a medical referral is as follows.  A discussion with and functional evaluation of the client takes place.  This may include such things as consultation with a Rehabilitation Specialist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and other Specialists as necessary

Following this gathering of biomechanical information an analysis is made and an appropriate orthosis is designed in consultation with the client.  Upon acceptance of the design the all inclusive price is quoted and payment details are discussed.  Nesessary information, measurements and impressions are taken and a return appointment is made for fittings or delivery as necessary


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